May The 4th Be With You…

Star Wars

Social media feeds everywhere will be flooded with Star Wars memes, puns, and the like on this special day that many have come to know as “Star Wars Day” or “May the 4th”. What originally started as a punny reference has become an international cultural phenomenon. How exactly did this unofficial ‘holiday’ come to be? […]

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Get Under an Umbrella Liability Policy

Umbrella Liability Insurance

What is Umbrella Liability Insurance and What Does it Cover? At Connie Phillips Insurance, we represent YOU, NOT the insurance carriers. We are interested in doing what is best for you. We work hard for our clients and enjoy empowering them through client education. Since March is National Umbrella Month, we will focus on three […]

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Are you working from home due to COVID-19?

Your home

Are you working from home due to COVID-19? Right now, life may be feeling a little abnormal. After all, there are a lot of us who never thought about working from home — until now. While some jobs cannot easily be performed from home, a surprising number can be thanks to the ease of modern […]

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Black History Month

Celebrating Black History Month –  Every February, Americans celebrate Black History Month. This year, we invite you to join us in remembering the accomplishments of black citizens, past and present, which are an integral part of American history. The 2021 Black History Month theme is “Black Family: Representation, Identity and Diversity.” Whether it’s the deeply-needed […]

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From Maryland Insurance Administration – Premium Payments Delays

The Maryland Insurance Administration is aware that mail delivery delays have resulted in the cancellation or non-renewal of insurance policies for non-payment of premium. Sometimes this is because bills are not being delivered on time and sometimes it is because payment is not being delivered on time. While insurers are often willing to work with […]

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Cold Weather Freeze is here!

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR HEAT ON! The freezing cold weather is here AGAIN! This week an Arctic blast is forecasted to bring cold temperatures to our area. Some areas are predicted to have their lowest temperature level in more than 20 years.  The combination of cold temperature and wind chill along the east […]

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HOW TO PROTECT YOUR ASSOCIATION WITH WORKERS COMPENSATION, CERTIFICATES OF INSURANCE, ADDITIONAL INSURED ENDORSEMENTS AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENTS Every association should carry a workers’ compensation policy – whether the association has employees or not.  If your association issues 1099’s to contractors, then you can be held liable for injuries or liability from an uninsured contractor.  […]

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Is your community association vulnerable to financial crimes?

What would happen to your association in the event of fraud, theft, or embezzlement? Your association leaders/board are volunteers and responsible for protecting the association assets from fraud, theft, or embezzlement. Every association is looking to protect their funds from theft and other acts committed internally by board members and management companies and by outside […]

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FACE MASK HYGIENE – Proper Cleaning Tips

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has recommended wearing face masks in public to slow the spread of Covid-19. It is important to know how to properly wash, disinfect, and handle reusable cloth masks. Pathogens like bacteria and viruses can live on cloth fabric for longer than we may think – 8 to 12 hours. […]

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