Are you thinking about your upcoming retirement? You’ve spent years contributing part of your paycheck to your 401k.

Unfortunately, managing your finances doesn’t end when you leave the workforce. It can be difficult to maintain a steady stream of income when you’re in your golden years, so how can you make sure you get what you need?

We’ll help you plan for a secure financial future

If you’re looking for assurance that you’ll have a source of income throughout the rest of your life, an annuity may be right for you. Connie Phillips Insurance has been providing consumers in Maryland, Virginia, and the rest of the Mid-Atlantic with financial services since 1986. Our financial advisors are experts at explaining the confusing world of annuities.

Get the annuity that fits your retirement needs

Purchasing the wrong kind of annuity can actually do damage to your financial situation, so you should get advice from a financial advisor before settling with one. As an independent provider, we’re able to get resources from a wealth of different financial institutions.

Annuities usually come in two basic forms:

Deferred: This type lets your funds accumulate over a period of time then gives you a payout. If you’re thinking long-term, deferred is probably the option for you. They are available at a fixed or variable rate.

Immediate: This type lets you receive payouts only a short time after you begin investing in the annuity. If you’re close to retirement and need money for expenses, consider an immediate annuity. They’re also available at a fixed or variable rate.

The size of your payout depends on multiple factors, including the length of your payment period.

If you’d like to find out more about planning your financial future with an annuity, contact the insurance professionals at Connie Phillips Insurance. You can call us at 888-439-0479 or stop by and talk to us in person. For a free quote, just fill out the web form on the page.