IRAs & IRA Rollovers

For most Americans, the days of simply leaving your funds in a savings account and having enough to retire after four decades are long gone. In these times of financial uncertainty, you’ve got to invest your money wisely in order to have a comfortable retirement.

But unless you have a background in finance, you’re probably not an expert on retirement investment. And with the seemingly endless options for your money out there, how can you know which one is right for you?

We’ll help you plan your future

IRAs can help make saving simple. Connie Phillips Insurance wants to be your mid-Atlantic investment solution. Our agents will help you take a look at your overall financial situation, including current investments, to help figure out the right IRA for you.

The two main types of IRAs are:

Traditional IRA, where your money can grow tax-deferred until you elect to withdraw it for retirement.

Roth IRA, where you pay taxes when you invest the money, but no taxes when you withdraw it during retirement. Roth IRAs can also be more flexible if you need to make a withdrawal before retirement.

These basic definitions barely scratch the surface, so you should talk to our financial advisors about what’s right for you. We can help you determine the proper contribution and explain the rules and limits of these investments.

Want to roll over an existing retirement account?

Connie Phillips Insurance can also help you invest in a rollover IRA, which is essentially a traditional IRA with investment money that has been “rolled over” from a 401k or other form of qualified retirement plan.

If you want a qualified financial advisor to help you determine what you’ll need for the rest of your life, join with our agency. To talk to us, call 888-439-0479 or stop by one of our locations in Maryland and Virginia to meet with a finance professional. An IRA is a step toward the future you want, so let us help you take that step.