Virginia Condo HOA Insurance

Virginia Condo & HOA Insurance

Getting the right insurance coverage does not have to be a negative experience. As tedious as it may seem, having the right independent insurance agency on your side can be the difference-maker in your experience with insurance. Connie Phillips Insurance agents have in-depth knowledge of the laws in and around running a condominium association. We offer insurance options for Condominium Associations (Residential and Commercial), Homeowner Associations, Cooperatives, Townhomes Associations, and Mixed-Use Properties. Our goal is to provide insurance options to meet all of your insurance needs. We offer a variety of insurance options for Virginia Condo and HOA Insurance.

Connie Phillips Insurance

At Connie Phillips Insurance, you are our priority. We take client education seriously. It is imperative to our working relationship that our clients understand their coverage. We prioritize client education to empower our clients to take control of their situation and receive the best coverage at competitive rates. We care about what is best for our clients. We are working for you, not for the insurance carrier. Find out what Virginia Condo & HOA Insurance options we have available for you.

Association Master Insurance Policies

A master policy is a type of property and liability protection for condo and HOA association members if there is damage to the condo or HOA building’s structure or any common areas. An individual’s condo owner or homeowner insurance should supplement the coverages in the master policy. At Connie Phillips Insurance, we have in-depth knowledge of available options and coverages required in Virginia and other states where we are licensed to get you in the right policy for your association.

Condo and HOA Insurance Coverages:

Meeting your needs properly means everything to us. Our Condo Management & HOA Insurance offerings include the following (click on any image or label for details):

Condo Management & HOA Insurance - Building & Property Insurance Condo Management & HOA Insurance - General Liability Insurance Condo Management & HOA Insurance - Crime/Fidelity Bond
Building & property
Replacement cost valuation, insurance to value, blanket insurance, ordinance or law coverage, equipment breakdown, backup of water/sewer or drains, outdoor signs, flood insurance, earthquake insurance.
General liability
Liability for common areas, unit owners, and community managers included additional insureds, hired and non-owned automobile liability, employment practices, 3rd party discrimination, employee benefits liability, and special events coverage.
Crime/fidelity bond
Fidelity bond, employee dishonesty, crime coverage.
Condo Management & HOA Insurance - Directors & Officers Liability Insurance Condo Management & HOA Insurance - Workers Compensation Insurance Condo Management & HOA Insurance - Umbrella Liability Insurance
Directors & Officers liability
Protect the association and its board members, directors, and officers.
Workers Compensation
“If any” Workers Compensation policy covering the board and volunteers.
Umbrella liability

CPI has all of these insurance offerings and so much more. Here at Connie Phillips Insurance, we work for you. We are here to build relationships with our clients to help you in all areas of your life. We work towards meeting all of your insurance needs while finding what is best for your unique situation. Our agents will inspect your community and analyze your coverages to provide you with a detailed comparison.

Insurance for Homeowner Associations in Virginia

The Virginia Condominium Act requires that any association that collects assessments from its members must have a fidelity bond covering theft by its employees, officers, and property managers. Our agents have in-depth knowledge of the laws, rules, and resources surrounding Homeowner Associations in Virginia. We work for you to ensure that your association and its members, officers, directors, and officers are covered.

Key Takeaways

You need an independent insurance agency that understands and can educate you on how your insurance coverages work for you and your specific association, buildings, and property. At Connie Phillips Insurance, we have experienced agents trained specifically in Virginia Condo & HOA Insurance. Have peace of mind knowing that you are working with the best and you have the best working for you.

To talk about your coverage situation in more detail, stop by one of our offices in  Virginia Beach, Virginia or Frederick, Maryland or reach us by phone at 757-761-7757 or 888-439-0479. You can also easily get a comparative rate quote by filling out our web form. We’ll find you excellent coverage so that you can keep the focus on your responsibilities.