Disability Insurance

No matter how careful you are on the job, you can’t guarantee that you’ll never have an injury.

If you are counting on your employer to cover you, do not assume they will; only five states have laws requiring employers to provide disability coverage.


Injuries are often a reality in the workplace

Disability insurance provides a replacement for your income when you are hurt and cannot work. Disability insurance can be a saving grace for:

  • A slip and fall that causes a serious injury
  • A medical condition that develops from routine overexertion
  • An injury caused by dangerous machinery

All policies are different, but most disability insurance policies are able to replace 60-70% of your normal income when you cannot be at work, whether the injury is short term or long term.

Providing disability coverage for workers since 1986

Connie Phillips Insurance is an independent agency with the experience to provide you with the right plan. Our agents know that your income is irreplaceable, so we will work with you to find the policy that fits your career and budget.

You don’t have to be a lumberjack or a race car driver to experience a temporary injury at work. Even employees who sit in a cubicle all day should consider purchasing a dependable disability insurance policy. If your employer does not provide disability benefits, partner with Connie Phillips Insurance and get protected.

Give yourself peace of mind, knowing you’re protected

You may wonder whether or not you can afford disability insurance, but if you have loved ones who rely on you, chances are you can’t afford not to get coverage.

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