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Workers Compensation Insurance

As an employer, you want the best protection for your employees

If you own or operate a business in the Mid-Atlantic, workers compensation is the best way to make sure your employees are taken care of if they experience a mishap. Virtually all states in the U.S., from Maryland to California, require businesses to carry workers compensation insurance by law; not doing so can carry serious consequences. But which policy is the right one for you? You don’t want to wait until one of your employees has to file a claim to find out that you didn’t have the proper coverage for your business the entire time.

We bring great experience to the table

When you work with a knowledgeable provider like Connie Phillips Insurance, you can be sure you have the dependable protection your employees deserve. We operate offices in Frederick, MD and Virginia Beach, VA, but we have the resources to protect stores, offices, restaurants, and most businesses in North Carolina, Washington DC, West Virginia and Pennsylvania as well.

A workers compensation policy can provide employees and their families compensation for:

  • Lost income
  • Medical expenses
  • Rehab costs
  • Death benefits
  • And more…

To provide our customers with the maximum amount of flexibility, Connie Phillips Insurance offers pay-as-you-go workers compensation. The premiums for standard workers comp plans are typically based on a yearly estimate of the payroll. But business, like most things, is unpredictable. You could be losing money if your best guess was off. The pay-as-you-go program bases the premium directly on your reported payrolls, taking out the guesswork and getting you the amount of coverage you need. It’s especially ideal for businesses that are seasonal or experience a lot of fluctuation.

For all your workers compensation needs, talk to an agent from Connie Phillips Insurance right away. Give us a call at 888-439-0479 or get a no-obligation quote by filling out the web form on this page.