Key Person Insurance

No entrepreneur can deny that running a business comes with a lot to think about. As you’ve built up your business, you’ve worked hard to find the employees that make your business all it can be.

But what if something were to happen to one of your integral workers? Would you be able to stay in business and continue helping your customers?

We’ll help you plan for an unfortunate situation

If you’re worried about losing your essential workers, there is a solution. Key man insurance, also called key person insurance, is essentially a life insurance policy designed to help keep your business going if you were to suffer the death or incapacitation of an important employee.

Connie Phillips Insurance is an independent insurance provider who wants to ensure the future of your mid-Atlantic business. We have the benefit of working with multiple financial institutions, so we can compare plans to find what’s best for you.

Life happens fast, so consider your potential risks

The potential demise of your business is probably not something you really want to think about, but the forward-thinking entrepreneur will consider all situations. If you employ someone with irreplaceable skills or knowledge, key man coverage is an option for you.

A business’s key employees might include:

  • A software company’s lead developer
  • The head chef at a restaurant
  • The senior designer at an architecture firm

Our agency is a friendly, professional operation that will give your coverage situation the care it needs. To find out more about how a key man life insurance policy will solidify your future, give our agency a call at 888-439-0479 or visit either of our offices in Frederick, Maryland or Virginia Beach, Virginia. You can also receive a free quote quickly by filling out the form on this webpage.