Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Directors and Officers Liability (D&O) is the most important coverage that can be purchased for an association. Most boards review the insurance by purchasing the lowest price proposal. As a member of the board, you want to make sure that you have the proper D&O liability insurance.

Association management is very complex and more boards are being sued. You are required to make tough decisions to run the association. Those tough decisions can result in a claim or lawsuit against you as the board member. You need to make sure you have the broadest Directors and Officers Liability coverage that will protect the association and you individually.

Not all policies are created equal

All policies have coverage differences and exclusions and most are inadequate to properly protect the board members and the association. Connie Phillips Insurance has the answer for you. We provide a comparison sheet to show you the coverage differences with your current policy and our recommended D&O coverage. Below is a coverage checklist that we use to compare with your current policy.

Directors & Officers Liability Coverage Check List

Our D&O checklist will provide you with the general information needed to review and analyze your Directors & Officers Liability Insurance policy.

Key items include:
_____ Board Members, Past, Present and Future Covered
_____ Non-Monetary
_____ Defense Costs Paid Outside the Limit of Liability
_____ Non-Employment (Third Party) Discrimination
and over two dozen more important checklist items.

Download as a PDF file

Be sure to work with an experienced agent who can explain and provide the proper protection for your association. Call Connie Phillips Insurance today at our office in Frederick, Maryland or Virginia Beach, Virginia at 888-439-0479. You can also receive a comparative rate quote by filling out our web form.