We’ll Be glad to explain your Maryland and Virginia insurance policies

Need help understanding your insurance coverage if you live in Maryland or Virginia)?  Most coverages you need are automatically provided by your policy. But, there are some coverages which are optional or are specifically limited or excluded because not everyone needs them.

Following are some items for which we can provide coverage – should you need it. Understanding your insurance and having your coverages tailored to your particular need can be just as important as the price!!

AUTOMOBILE:   https://www.insurance-financial.net/auto-insurance/

Emergency Road Service “Mini Tort” Liability

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist

Camper, Topper, Utility Trailer, Customized Van

Business use of your car or Company Car provided for your regular use Personal I njury Protection – Work Loss Benefits (there is a maximum) “Winter Storage”

Customized/ Additional accessories

Transport Students, Patients, Car Poolers, etc. Rental Car (if yours is damaged in an accident)


Limited Collision

Standard Collision

Broad Form Collision

HOMEOWNERS:    https://www.insurance-financial.net/home-insurance/

Home Replacement Guarantee

Flood (water problems)/Earthquake

Owned-Seasonal or Rental Properties (Rental of part of your own home)

Business Pursuits Liability (Clergy, Teachers, Babysitting, Salespeople, etc.)

Office Occupancy

Professional Liability

Private School or Studio Occupancy Swimming Pool

Personal I njury Liability (Libel, Slander, Wrongful Eviction, False Arrest)

Additional Outbuildings (Fences, Sheds, Barns, Etc.)

Credit Card Liability

Mortagage Protection

Inventory of Personal Belongings Farmin~ oper-atlon (on premises or off)

Farming Operation


Unit Owners additions and alterations Unit Owners Rental to others

Unit Owners appurtentant structures Unit Owners Loss Assessment


Replacement Cost on Contents

Photography Equipment

Contact Lens – Low Vision Aid Coin/Stamp/Gun/China/ Antique (any) collections Jewelry or Furs

Cash (over $100)

Silver, Gold, Pewter Ware Golfers Equipment/Golf Cart

Musical Instruments (professional or non-professional)

Sales Samples (Tupperware, Avon, Amway, etc.)

Mechanical Tools (personal and professional)

Sporting Equipment

Valuable Papers (including Deeds, Titles, Manuscripts, etc.) Personal Computer

Anything you may use to generate income

Personal Property away from home (students at college, vacationing)


Motorcycle Physical Damage

Motorcycle Liability

Motorcycle Guest/Passenger Liability

Watercraft – Physical Damage

Watercraft – Liability

Snowmobile – Physical Damage Snowmobile – Liability

Antique Automobiles

Classic Cars

Minibikes, Mopeds, Motor Scooters Aircraft


All Terrain Vehicles Travel Trailers Camper Trailers


Umbrella Liability Coverage ($1,000,000 limit)

Medical Insurance (Hospitalization and Major Medical)

Disability Income Protection (short term or long term)

Life Insurance (Family Plans, Mortgage Life)

Domestic Employee Liability (housekeeper, babysitter, gardner, etc.)

Directors or Officers Liability

Should you have any of the exposures on this partlal list or any other exposures that concern you, please call us so we can discuss proper coverage for you and your family.   https://www.insurance-financial.net/