Call an insurance professional to review your business insurance

If you needed someone to balance your books, you wouldn’t hire a juggler … You’d call an expert … someone who knows your business. Because there’s just no substitute for experience.

When it comes to insurance protection for your Maryland or Virginia business, you should ask an insurance professional.  An independent insurance agent can offer a wide variety of options.  Connie Phillips Insurance represents many excellent companies that have specialty coverage combinations that can be tailored to meet your business insurance needs.   Because I’m an independent business professional, I can review your insurance coverage to get you the best protection at the most reasonable cost.

One of the many coverages you should consider is inflation protection.  This endorsement adjusts building values annually to reflect local construction costs.

And, if you have extended replacement cost coverage, and your building loss exceeds policy limits due to inflation, this endorsement will provide additional coverage up to 10% or even 25% over policy limits.

As a business owner, you should consider the advantage of lowering your insurance rates by accepting a higher deductible. You can realize savings of up to 18% by selecting a flat $1,000 property deductible.

If you’re in the market for good, low-cost insurance coverage for your business, ask the expert … your Maryland and Virginia premier independent insurance agency … Connie Phillips Insurance.

Our office can assist you with better insurance protection and service and still keep your books balanced!

There’s no cost or obligation.