What happens when you hire an unqualified contractor to do work in your Condo?

You live in a sprinklered building.   Your hot water heater is located in a closet and needs to be repaired.   You call in your friend who does plumbing on the side….   He assures you it would be no problem (and because he is not licensed or insured!) he can save you a lot of money!

In repairing the hot water heater, the friend, uses a torch.   in the confined closet space – which happens to have a sprinkler head in the closet, the temperature rises and BAM–The sprinklers are set off in your condo unit, which causes extensive water damage.

POINT  – Hire Insured, Bonded and qualified contractors and make sure you obtain a certificate of insurance that names you, the association and the management firm as additional insureds.


#2 –

What happens when your volunteers or board members get hurt.

You are a very proud committee member in charge of the kick off Disco Dance that is being held in your new club house.   You want decorations and streamers and disco balls to set the atmosphere for the evening… You direct a volunteer to get up on a ladder to help hang the streamers.

On the other side of the room, some of the volunteers are showing off their newest disco attire. They are looking great and want everyone in the room to see them.   So they shout “LOOK at US” The volunteer on the ladder turns around, loses balance and BOOM –falls off the ladder and lands on her back causing severe injuries.

POINT  –  Does your association carry Workers Compensation Insurance to cover the injuries to your volunteers and board members?


Everyone fears having a fire in their home.

Imagine someone coming home from work, already tired to find out the kitchen sink is clogged with a hair ball.   They went to cabinet, no DRAIN cleaner and does not want to call a plumber. Instead, their solution is to go get some gasoline to pour down the drain, light a match to burn the hair ball and BOOM — The kitchen catches on fire…which spreads throughout the house.

POINT   – Don’t be careless.

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