College Students Back to School – Review Your Insurance Coverages!

As college students return for the new school year – this can present a number of challenges.  In addition to making sure you have a laptop and other college materials, now is also the time to consult an insurance professional to verify your insurance needs such as your car, your home and even your health insurance. Check out these quick tips before the school year begins:

Home insurance:  If you are a student living off campus – renters insurance should be considered. Renters insurance is an economical form of coverage that protects your personal property and protects you in the event someone is injured while visiting you.  At Connie Phillips, our insurance agents can explain the benefits of tenant coverage and can help you select a policy that fits your budget.

Car insurance:  It is always a good idea to check with your agent to see if you have enough coverage on your auto policy. As an independent agency, we are not linked to any company, so we can choose from a wide variety of car insurance companies to find the policy that suits your needs and budget. We will make sure you know the limits of the policy and help you decide the deductible amounts that are best for your situation.  This way, you can return to campus with the confidence that you and your property are covered.

Health insurance: There are many options for students looking to buy health insurance. Students who do not have health insurance can choose to buy a student health plan. Some schools will offer this during the enrollment process. Check with your institution to see what is available thru the school.  Connie Phillips insurance can also help you get coverage. We know that the needs of each person are different, so we offer customizable packages that can be adapted to your needs. If you are serious about getting dependable medical coverage, give Connie Phillips Insurance a call at 888-439-0479 to find out more information

Hopefully you found these tips helpful and now that you know what coverages to look for, its time to set a plan of action.  Feel free to contact Connie Phillips Insurance and we will make sure you have the proper coverage you need. The process is quick and stress free. To find our more or get a quote, call us 888-439-0479 and refer to the blog “back to school coverages”