Going Back to School can be Stressful – Hope these tips will help!

Tips for back to school

Summer vacations are almost over, and the new school year is approaching. Here are some tips for back to school to help you and your children start the school year on the right foot.  In addition to meeting with their new teachers and getting a good breakfast to start the school day, try to work some of these ideas into your routine:


-Practice waking up with an alarm in the weeks or days before the start of school.

-Establish an earlier bedtime for younger children in the weeks before school.


-Choose a comfortable backpack that is easy to transport.

-Package as light as possible, just taking whatever is necessary.


– Point out the positive aspects of returning to school, such as seeing old friends and making new friends.

– Attend any orientation, open houses or any other opportunities to meet teachers or tour the school before the first day.


First, you must decide if your child will ride the bus, travel with someone, be driven by a parent or relative, walk or ride a bike to school.

-Bus: if your children will take the bus, make sure they know where the bus stop is, on which bus to travel and at what time they will be at their stop in the morning.

-Cars: remind your child to always wear a seat belt in the car. Be very careful when driving on the roads with so many children walking to and from the bus stops.     Remember that the speed limit in many school areas is approximately 25 mph.

-Bikers and walkers: Make sure that cyclists and walkers know the route to school, and follow all traffic laws, and listen to crossing guards.

The first day of school is a very exciting time every year, with proper preparation you can reduce everyone’s stress and maybe get a picture of the first day of school with a smile instead of a grumpy frown.

Connie Phillips Insurance wishes all students a happy first day of school!