Why you should use a separate email address for Association board business

All so often our email inboxes can quickly fill up with junk mail, advertising specials, and those special emails from friends and family.   Thus, trying to locate a particular email and just sorting thru all those emails is very time consuming.  This is one of the reasons why you should set up a separate email account for Association board business only.   Once you set up this separate email, make sure to share it with your association management company, other board members and even vendors and homeowners.

However, sharing the email with homeowners could become a complaint receiving email.  For that reason there could be a general mailbox on a website or a separate email address for suggestions, concerns, and for committees.  Of course someone needs to monitor these separate emails.  One or two board members can be responsible for checking the general emails to monitor board business.  Committee members would be responsible for checking their emails as well.

Another reason to have a separate email address for Association board business is that you would be less likely to accidentially divulge personal and possibly embarrassing information. For example, if the board of directors faced any type of litigation in which you would be required to provide email addresses by having a dedicated Association business email address, you will not have to divulge your personal email address or information.  It is also extremely important not to use your business email address for Association board business for the same reasons previously stated.  If some type of litigation were pursued, your employer might not like the fact that the company is required to give access to all of their emails.

And lastly, it doesn’t cost much, if anything at all, to create a separate email address to use for Association board business only.   It’s a good idea to do this not only for the reasons stated above but by having a dedicated email address that ties to the community — it looks more professional.