Hosting a Special Event in your Community Association

As some might feel that communities with an HOA can be a bit restrictive. They have rules & regulations in place to create harmonious living for everyone. In addition, having an HOA also helps with creating friendships of neighbors and a safe neighborhood to live in.

With that said some communities that have a lot of involvement will often host events for homeowners or children in the communities and such. These special events can vary by community. Usually social committees will organize these events. While doing so there are many things to consider. Of course, first and foremost is the fun and the attendance of the event. Committees should take other things into consideration also, like potential hazards and emergency action plans if one should occur.

Following are some very basic things to keep in mind when hosting an event at an HOA:

First, depending on the event the committee should inquire with their local city or county office to see if permits or fees are required for the type of event that they are hosting. This can become a sticky situation for the HOA if the proper permits are not obtained or the required fees are not paid.

Since anything that happens on common element areas of an HOA is the responsibility of the association, it is strongly recommended that the board and committees consider potential hazards that can occur during the set up and break down– as well as during the event itself.

If a volunteer is injured during any of this time the association will be responsible, so it would be smart to take precautions in advance.  For example, if something needs to be hung, the committee should make sure that a ladder of sufficient height is available, the ground or location of the item is steady, and level and the proper tools or material are available. It is recommended that your association purchase Workers Compensation Insurance to cover your volunteers.

The same should be taken into consideration for the event itself. For example, if cords are necessary for a band, mc system or anything else that requires electric but is not set up near an electrical outlet make sure that they are securely taped down or covered so that ono one can trip over them. Make sure that tables and chairs are stable. Take care of anything that could be a hazard to the event attendees.

Lastly, make sure that the committee has implemented an evacuation plan in the event of an emergency. If an emergency were to happen, where would the event attendees go? Have a plan set in place so everyone can get to a safe place should any kind of emergency, hurricane, Nor’easter or unplanned event were to happen.

In summary, this is just a small list of items that needs to be considered when an association hosts an event within the HOA. Checking your insurance coverage to ensure that it is covered.  It would be a good idea also to check with the local city for any helpful suggestions for event management.