Maryland Smoke Alarm Law

Are you aware of the new law in Maryland concerning smoke detectors that require compliance by January 1, 2018?

The Smoke-Alarm Law, went into effect on July 1, 2013, and requires compliance by January 1, 2018. It requires homeowners and landlords to replace 9-volt battery operated smoke detectors with newer models that lasts 10 years. The legislation updated the state’s nearly 40-year-old law on fire protection.  The law calls for 10-year-old smoke detectors to be replaced.

The date of manufacture, while sometimes hard to locate, should be printed on the back of smoke alarms. If no manufacture date is printed on your alarm, experts say it is likely outdated and should be replaced. The legislation does not affect homes with hard-wired smoke alarms.

Don’t overlook this law.   2 out of 3 deaths from fire are in homes that have missing alarms or alarms with dead batteries.

By Connie Phillips

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