We all have incredibly busy lives and the last thing on many minds is volunteering. However, the benefits of volunteering are huge to you, your community and even your own family! When you seek out to find volunteer opportunities that are a good match you may be surprised you will also find new friends, new skills, and even advancements in your career.

One of the most popular benefits of being a volunteer is your impact on the community. The very glue that holds many communities together are the unpaid volunteers. You may not realize it but volunteering, even in the smallest capacity, can make a vast difference to the lives of people, animals, and programs in need. Like yours truly, some of us are very outgoing and others take more time to come out of their shell. Volunteering gives everyone an opportunity to practice and develop social skills as well as gain momentum to branch out and network!

Volunteering also provides us with a sense of purpose. Retired folks or those who have lost their spouses can find new meaning to their lives by helping others. Of course no matter your age or current situation, volunteering can help you stop focusing on your own stresses while maintaining mental stimulation. It’s been proven volunteering fights depression as it keeps you in regular contact with others and creates a solid support system. This is especially true when working with animals as this type of work is proven to improve mood and lower stress and anxiety.

With the above mentioned it is no wonder our very own Stacy Reb is such a joy to be around each and every day at the office!! Stacy has dedicated her time as a Homewood of Frederick volunteer since 2000. Stacy has provided companionship, led activities, and handed out refreshments all while maintaining a consistent presence of kindness and compassion. Stacy’s volunteer work has shined so bright the Director of Volunteering provided her with an outstanding letter of recommendation for any future endeavors Stacy may pursue. A big high five to you Stacy!!! We are so proud of you!!

I hope you have found this information useful!! Stay tuned for my next blog!!! It’s “insured” to be interesting!!