Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud isn’t just for insurance companies to worry about it’s also for you, the consumer to worry about. Insurance crooks are picking your pockets to line their own. Insurance fraud is one of America’s largest crimes- at least $80 BILLION is stolen EACH year! Crazy right??? Today I’m going to share some insurance fraud stories I found. I couldn’t even believe some of them myself!!

Crash Gang-Mikhail Zemlyansky hired “crash passengers” to fake whiplash while crooked doctors forged medical records! This crash ring attempted to steal $279 million with thousands of false claims for treating fake whiplash injuries in New York!! Zemlyansky was caught and spent 15 years in federal prison!!

Contractor Con- Jack and John Thayer went through neighborhoods after major storms offering to help fix damages. The Bristol Township, Pa duo stole more than $770,000 in down payments from homeowners!! As you guessed the repairs were never completed and most of the victims were elderly. Now the Thayers have a new roof for twenty years: it’s called prison!

Chemo Con- Dr. Farid Fata pumped 550 patients with painful chemo drugs when THEY DIDN’T HAVE CANCER!!! He billed the insurers $225 million for the treatments. One cancer-free patient received over 155 treatments in two years and another patient lost all of their teeth because of it!!! Fata received his own dose of 45 years in federal prison.

Slip and Fall Fraud- Andrew Gaber coached dozens of people in Philadelphia how to sit down and act hurt in a quiet neighborhood with damaged sidewalks. The gang made $400,000 in false injury claims against innocent homeowners. When the gang was taken down, Gaber committed suicide and his gang members were convicted.

Crazy stories huh??? Make sure you do the following to protect yourself: Be cautious of all door-to-door or telephone sales people, take photos after a car accident including damages, passengers, and positions of the vehicles, keep any Medicare ID information secret, and always report scams.

I hope you have found this blog informative. Stay tuned for my next blog!! It’s “insured” to be interesting!!!

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